How to Perform a Travis County Warrant Search and Find Arrest Records | US Arrest Search

Carry out a Travis County Warrant Search and Access Arrest Records

A Travis County warrant search can be performed using the automated system on the sheriff’s website ( You will need to insert either a cause number or a suspect’s name and birth date. For additional inquiries and for more clarifications, call Warrant Information at 512-854-9751.

Performing an arrest search on a county level

A Travis County warrant search will not reveal any information on jail inmates. To find out if someone you know has recently been incarcerated, use the sheriff’s online search tool ( It allows you to see the county’s current inmate population.

Finding older Travis County arrest records is more difficult. The sheriff office does not provide criminal history information on other people unless you have their formal approval (presented on a notarized letter). You will have to resort to private sources (see last section below).

Perform a wider TX arrest search

Travis County arrest records will only show you a person’s arrest history on a local level. To expand your investigation to the state level, use the TxDPS Criminal History Name Search. It presents arrests, prosecutions and case disposition for people incarcerated for Class B misdemeanor or more severe offenses all across Texas. This service requires a fee.

Finding Travis County court records

You can learn about a person’s history of convictions by accessing the county’s court records through the inquiry tool provided by the District Clerk at

The county clerk also offers a computerized search tool at This tool shows cases of minor offenses. Furthermore, you can ask for a misdemeanor criminal case search by phone (512-854-9188) or via email ( Any record obtained this way demands a fee of $1 per page.

Finally, the County Clerk can be utilized for a Travis County warrant search by turning to the Misdemeanor Records Division during work hours (8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday, not including legal holidays). Their address: Travis County Courthouse, 1000 Guadalupe, Austin, Texas, room 222, phone: 512-854-9188. The warrants they reveal include Class A and B misdemeanor offenses only.

Use this website’s background check services provides you with a highly advanced inquiry tool you can use to conduct a Travis County warrant search. You will receive a full criminal history report that details a person’s prior arrests, convictions and more. Results cover all of Texas (and other states if you wish to expand your check). Reliability, accuracy and anonymity are guaranteed.