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Database Update on September 18, 2019
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How to find US arrest records

US arrest records are created after a person has been taken into custody for various reasons. They contain details about the arrest, such as the physical description of the detainee, the facility that housed him or her, information about the offense that was committed, booking and release date and the arresting agency. Some records appear with a mugshot.

Many people confuse arrest records with criminal records. They are not the same. The former indicate the instances in which a person was apprehended; the latter indicate a conviction in court.

Where you can search for US arrest records

The best method of tracing a person’s incarceration history is referring to the state’s data banks. Some of the states maintain online inquiry tools you can access (usually with a fee). For instance, you can find information on Tennessee arrests on the Open Records Services, which is a computerized database operated by the TBI. It displays names of people taken into custody all over TN counties. Each background check will cost you $29.

Moreover, the state’s Department of Corrections usually displays an online prison inmate list. For instance, you can locate an inmate in South Carolina by visiting the offender search page operated by the SCDC

Referring to the county’s resources

The most accurate data can be found on the county where the arrest has been carried out. We recommend turning to the sheriff or the local jail. Some sheriffs present a jail roster on their websites (usually sheriffs of large counties). You can, for instance, locate GA, Henry County arrest records here.

If there are not any online inquiry tools available, you will need to physically go to the sheriff office and conduct an offline investigation.

Using this Website’s search service

USARRESTSEARCH.ORG allows you to conduct a full criminal history search on any person anywhere in the United States. Type a person’s name and you will obtain a detailed report containing police records, jail records, warrants and court dockets – all the information you need to determine whether that person has ever had problems with the law. The data is reliable and accurate. All searches are fully anonymous and secure. Fees are low.