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Database Update on August 21, 2019
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South Carolina Arrest Records and Warrant Search

This article will direct you to the best available sources that will help you find South Carolina arrest records and warrants. Practically speaking, we will show you how to search for:

  • SC arrests
  • warrants
  • court records
  • sex offenders
  • the state’s inmates

An emphasis will be given to statewide online and offline data banks as well as counties’ resources you may utilize to trace a person’s criminal past.

Finding South Carolina arrest records

To find a person’s incarceration history, we strongly suggest referring to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED). It maintains a crime information database you can use to find prison and criminal records.

You can conduct a criminal record check in two ways

  • Send a request by mail to SLED Records Department. PO Box 21398. Columbia SC 29221. Searchers are required to fill in a record check form (that can be downloaded using the link above). Each request must include the subject’s name, DOB and social security number (in case you have it) and a $25 fee that can be delivered only through a company check, an SC personal check or a money order.
  • Perform a computerized search using the SLED CATCH Online system (you can gain access to it through the link above)

How can you access SC warrants?

Your best source for a warrant inquiry is each county’s sheriff office. You will have to reach it in person and conduct your search using their local databases. Some sheriff websites contain an electronic search tool to save you time. For instance, you can find Charleston County warrants here.

Locating court dockets

To obtain official copies of South Carolina court records, go to the state’s Judicial Department. They offer an electronic case search that covers all of the state’s counties. Before accessing the index, you will have to read and approve a disclaimer. Once you do it, you can look for criminal and civil cases in the relevant county’s court.

Staying away from sex offenders

With the help of SC sex offender registry, you can trace former sex offenders. You can conduct your inquiry based on the following search categories:

  • People convicted of a sex crime who are living in your area
  • Offender’s name, city, email or phone numbers
  • Offenders who failed to register (you will find a list here)

Performing an SC inmate search

South Carolina Department of Corrections operates an online inmate lookup tool. It displays current inmates held in the state’s correctional facilities. It does not show former inmates, detainees in county jails, those under parole or people in house arrest.

There is also a toll free line you can use to obtain information on a specific inmate: 1-866-727-2846.