How to Search for Forsyth County Arrest Records | US Arrest Search

How to Search for NC, Forsyth County Arrest Records

You may have your own reasons for tracing Forsyth County arrest records or for running a warrant search and we are sure each one of them is justified. In the lines below, we will present the best sources you can use for a criminal record check in the county and the state.

The sheriff office puts at your disposal an effective arrest search tool. It presents an online list of the county’s detainees here. This list presents this year’s bookings. You can view all results or batches of 10, 20 or 50.

If you wish to increase the scope of your inquiry and get results related to the entire state, we suggest turning to the offender search maintained by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. With this online tool, you can run an inmate search focusing on former or current arrestees in NC correctional facilities.

The website of the county sheriff will also be able to provide you with useful information on Forsyth County warrants. It displays a wanted list containing all of the county’s suspects and fugitives. Currently it consists of 1,600 names, but it changes on a daily basis. Each name comes with basic personal details (gender, race, age and known address) a description of charges and the type of warrant issued by the authorities.

If you are seeking additional details and want information on older records that do not appear on the Internet, you had better visit the sheriff office at 301 North Church St. Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101. Telephone: 336-917-7001.

Conducting a criminal case search

Forsyth County court records will give you the best indication as to whether a person has ever been convicted of a crime. The official website of the clerk of courts enables you to request copies of these dockets electronically. The copies can be sent either to your mail address or to your e-mail box. There are some fields you need to fill in for the request to be processed, such as your contact details, defendant name, etc. The service includes a fee.

Are there sex offenders in your area?

Go to the NC sex offender registry to carry out a sex offender search. This search will reveal any sex predator living in close proximity to you. This kind of inquiry is undoubtedly a must for every parent. You should be aware of dangerous people in your area that may pose a threat to you or to your family.

Finding all the information using one comprehensive source contains an electronic search tool specially built to enable you to obtain full criminal history reports on any person living in North Carolina and other US states. You can use it to find, among other files, Forsyth County arrest records. The data are accurate and are constantly updated. The search is strictly confidential (that is, there is no chance anyone will know about your inquiry).