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Carrying out a Harris County Warrant Search and Finding Arrest Records on Anyone

The best place to run a Harris County warrant search is the sheriff office. Their archives can tell you exactly whether the person you inquire about is wanted by the authorities or is suspected of committing an offence serious enough to justify an arrest order on his name.

How to perform your check

Visit the sheriff office at 1200 Baker St. Houston, Texas 77002 (ph: 713-221-6000) and ask for access to their list of Harris County warrants. Unless the subject of your search is involved in an active ongoing police investigation, the sheriff staff will tend to help you. Details on wanted people are shared with the public.

Inquiring about Harris County arrest records

Information about the county’s detainees can be obtained more easily thanks to the online public information inquiry on the sheriff’s website. You have to enter a defendant’s name, DOB, SPN or SSN to get results.

Widening the scope of your inquiry

Harris County arrest records include only local detainees. To get information that covers the whole state, use these two computerized data banks:

1) To view Texas arrest records go to the Criminal History Name Search powered by TxDPS. It includes arrests made statewide for crimes more severe than Class B misdemeanor. The use of this database requires a fee.

2) To conduct a TX inmate search, refer to the TDCJ’s offender search. It presents people incarcerated in state’s prisons.

Tracking a person’s history of convictions

A Harris County Warrant search shows only people suspected of crimes. To find out if these people or others have been actually convicted of a crime in court, you ought to access court records.

You can search for Harris County court records at the District Clerk’s office. They have an online tool in which you can search civil and criminal cases. To get access to this database, you must sign up. Once you find the docket you have looked for, you can purchase it. For more details, go to their payment option section.

An easier search option

To conduct a fast and efficient background check with no need to sign up and at attractively low prices, use the online inquiry tool of USARRESTSEARCH.ORG. By entering a person’s name, you will be able to perform a Harris County warrant search and obtain a complete criminal history report showing arrest records, court dockets and more.

The data is accurate and updated. Your anonymity is guaranteed.