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Searching for Dallas county warrants and arrest records

In order to become active, Dallas County warrants require the signature of a judge or magistrate based on a probable cause that the suspect has indeed committed an offense. It is the police’s responsibility to show enough evidences that such a cause does exist.

How to perform a warrant search

To inquire about Dallas County warrants, call the sheriff’s criminal information line at 214-761-9026. In addition, you can use the District Clerk’s online offender data bank to inquire about wanted people based on their name, ZIP code or case number. Results include details about their offenses.

Carrying out a local and statewide inmate lookup

The sheriff office is in charge of more than 6,000 inmates locked in local jails. To locate an inmate or to investigate about a person’s incarceration history, refer to the jail info section on the sheriff’s website. It enables you to electronically search for Dallas County arrest records by prisoner info, booking number or case number. For more details, use the inmate information line by dialing 214-761-9025.

Finding Texas arrest records

There are two databases operated by the state authorities meant to help you run an arrest search:

Where you can inquire about Dallas County criminal records

Finding out if a person has prior convictions requires searching for criminal court records. This can be done by two ways:

  1. You can call the Felony Records Division (ph: 214-653-5950) at the office of the District Clerk to garner information about a person.
  2. Or you can perform criminal background check using the computerized court cases database also managed by the District Clerk.

An additional background check tool

To find all the information concentrated in one place, it is recommended utilizing the search tool operated by usarrestsearch.org. Enter the subject’s name, choose Texas (or another state if you want) and you will get a comprehensive criminal history report including Dallas County warrants, local and statewide arrest records, criminal cases, conviction records and much more.

All the data is reliable and updated. Users’ confidentiality is guaranteed.