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Database Update on August 21, 2019
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Ohio Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Ohio arrest records are issued the moment a person is taken into custody. They contain the arrestee’s physical description and mugshot, details on the offense he / she committed, booking and release date and the law enforcement agency that made the arrest.

From a legal point of view, Ohio Public Records Law (also known as the “Sunshine Law”) enables you to view jail records along with other governmental documents related to a person’s criminal history. However, practically speaking, the state does not maintain an online central database containing any official arrest files. Therefore you have two alternative options:

  • Perform your search on a county level. The sheriff offices store data on any arrest made under their jurisdiction. Some sheriff websites contain an inmate locator which presents current detainees. For instance, you can trace Hamilton County arrest records at the following address.
  • Use the electronic offender data bank put at your disposal by the state’s Department of Rehabilitation and Correction to conduct an Ohio inmate search. Results include incarcerated individuals and also offenders on parole.

Conducting an Ohio warrant search

By and large, the sheriff office processes and stores all arrest orders issued by the court. Therefore, information on Ohio warrants can be obtained with the help of your county’s sheriff. In 90% of the cases the authorities will have no problem sharing with you information about the county’s wanted people unless the case in hand involves an active investigation they wish to keep confidential.

Tracing Ohio warrants on the Internet

usarrestsearch.org offers an online inquiry tool searchers can use to extract comprehensive reports on a person’s criminal past, including the following:

  • Outstanding warrants
  • Police records
  • Prison and jail records
  • Court dockets

The information contained in these reports is highly accurate and updated. Most importantly, the search process is strictly confidential.

Obtaining copies of Ohio court records

A criminal record check will not be complete without knowing about a person’s prior convictions. Court dockets reveal this kind of information and to obtain them, you will need to pay a visit your county’s clerk of court. Once you are there, you will need to file a request to view copies of public records.

Some counties maintain electronic databases meant to enable people to conduct an online case search. For example, you can find Franklin County court records by using the following online search tool.

Locating Ohio sex offenders

Sexual assaults and rape are considered the most heinous of all crimes. In 2013, there were 2,824 cases of forcible rapes all over the state; 44% of the victims were younger than 18. Taking into account these grim statistics, you will probably want to know if there is person with a criminal record for sexual offenses living near you. The state’s sex offender registry comes to your aid. It enables you to locate offenders living in a specific radius of your home, work, school, etc.