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Montgomery County Warrant Search & Arrest Records, Alabama

This article’s main aim is to explain how to carry out a Montgomery County warrant search and show where to look for arrest records.

On the sheriff’s website you will find a searchable database that exhibits all warrant issued by the court. After you insert the CAPTCHA and enter the service, you will not need more than the subject’s name to initiate your inquiry.

In addition, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency manages a Community Information Center where you can look for the state’s fugitives online. It tells where and when the fugitive was last seen and the date on which a warrant was issued against him or her.

Montgomery County arrest records can be found on the same sheriff’s database mentioned above. You just need to click on the “inmate search” tab and you will be able to look for detainees by name or booking date. Results shown include a mugshot, a booking date, the agency that apprehended the suspect, a description of charges and bond amount.

If you want your investigation to go beyond the county and encompass Alabama arrests, use the ADOC electronic inmate locator. It shows people currently incarcerated in the state’s prisons.

The best way to find Montgomery County court records

Does the person you are checking has a criminal record? You can answer this question by performing a case search for court records. It is possible to get these records by turning to the clerk of courts (334-832-1260). The Criminal Division of the Circuit Court handles felony offenses. The Criminal Division of the District Court processes misdemeanor cases.  A name search will cost you $9.99 per case.

Is the person you are checking a sex offender?

In order to find criminal records for sex offenses, you should use the sheriff’s registry. It allows you to undertake am an area or name based offender search. It also includes non-compliant felons.